Dry Needling Massage

dry needling massage boronia heights

Dry Needling Massage Boronia Heights

Dry needling therapy is a rapidly growing massage therapy for treating muscle pain by inserting needles into the body’s soft tissues, such as tendons, fascia, ligaments, and muscles. This method has become increasingly common in recent years, with physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists, and osteopaths among those who use it. Many people like it because it is simple and efficient, and it can help relieve pain much more quickly than manual therapies such as remedial massage.

How Does Dry Needling Therapy Work?

Dry needling therapy works by making a slit in your skin, which triggers a hormonal response that heals or repairs damaged or wounded soft tissues. After that, the damaged tissue will be replaced with the new soft tissue of the same kind.

Essentially, this procedure tells the body to heal itself naturally, thus reducing the discomfort you’re experiencing. As compared to trigger point therapy or remedial massage, the effects of dry needling will last much longer because the therapy alters the internal function of the muscle.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Dry Needling?

Benefits Of Undergoing Dry Needling Massage Therapy

Improves the range of motion of your body

This advantage is possibly more beneficial for athletes because increasing your range of motion reduces your chances of hurting yourself, which is particularly important if you engage in physically demanding activities like sports.

Pain relief

This is the most popular health benefit that you can get when you try a dry needling massage at Boronia Heights, as previously mentioned. This technique works by concentrating on your body's trigger points and then releasing the tightness, pain, or inflammation in your myofascial tissues/muscles.

Reduce the recovery time from any injury

The recovery process is one of the most crucial, but frustrating, aspects of an injury. As a result, the dry needling massage will help you heal from injuries faster while also reducing the risk of recurrence or damage.

Our Specialty In Dry Needling Massage Therapy

Dry needling is a pain-relieving technique that involves inserting fine needles into muscle trigger points. Long-term pain can be relieved by relaxing these trigger points. They can also enter the roots of referred pain, such as whiplash or stress headaches, due to their precise anatomical position on nerve pathways.

Unique Massage’s dry needling massage Boronia Heights could be the right remedy for you if you’ve been suffering from muscular immobility, shin splints, headaches, or other types of chronic pain.