Remedial Massage

remedial massage

Remedial Massage Boronia Heights

Remedial Massage is used to actively soothe and alleviate tension as well as to relieve muscle pain. Mick at Unique massage has over 19 years of experience in remedial massage therapy. Book your session to feel the calming effect of your muscles and get relief.

Our Speciality in Remedial Massage

Unique Massage is dedicated to providing the highest level of clinical treatment and patient outcomes. The importance we put on the highest levels of physical and psychological restoration is one of our main differentiators. We all know how beneficial remedial massage is for enhancing your mobility.

remedial massage therapist
remedial massage boronia heights

Get Started With Your Remedial Massage

Appointments with our remedial massage therapists may be arranged as 90-minute, 60-minute, 45-minute, or 30-minute primary appointments as you wish. Before starting therapy, the remedial massage therapist will conduct an assessment. If your condition is more complicated we will treat you with the most care you need.

The Results You Can Expect

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